Integrated Buildings
Building integration allows for multiple systems to run in one building and communicate with one another. While in the past every system was independent - separate systems for HVAC, fire alarms, door access, CCTV, etc. - through integrated Tour Andover Controls, these systems work together as one.

Through the integration of building systems, many beneficial results can be procured. For instance, with integrated HVAC, lighting, and access, a program can be written so that the instant that someone cards into a door the lights switch on and the cooling system runs. With remote controls via the internet, building occupants can control heating and cooling setpoints from their desktop. Security guards are able to monitor fire alarms, door alarms, motion sensors, and many other kinds of alarms all from one computer program, such as Continuum or Vista. Commercial Air, Inc. is proud to offer full integrated building services, from controllers to computer programs to hardware.

Buildings managed by integrated control systems have been proven to significantly reduce energy usage and consequently the overall cost of operation of a building. By investing in an integration system, a one-time investment is made in exchange for long-lasting energy savings. By choosing Commercial Air, the successful installation, operation, and maintenance of that investment is guaranteed.